Friday, August 1, 2008

The 2 Ps.....

The skate shop needed some posters, easy enough, huh. I started by printing out some of the posters I had already hung, I did use regular printer paper instead of the photo paper. I couldn't get the photo paper to roll up. Once I got them all cut out, I rolled them up, and glue the ends to stay rolled.
Then I needed something to store them in....after looking through all my junk, I found 2 clay pots. I glued them bottom ends together, and then used my stone spray to give it the appearance of a big stone pot. I even made a poster that explains what you can buy. I think $12.99 is a fair price! And I even found a Rob and Big picture for the laptop......maybe the shop~keeper watches it in between customers.
I have a lot of stickers!!! And last night I pulled them out to see if I could find anything for the skate shop. No luck there.....but I did find something for Cora's house. I came across a scrapbook set from Jolee's Boutique. I have seen Casey make little shirts from scratch, but I am way to lazy for all that. So I pulled the pjs off, removed the sticky thing that was on the back, and folded them up. I did use some fabric glue to make sure every thing stayed in place, and I cut off the sleeves to get rid of some of the bulk.
I wrapped it up in ribbon........I think I'll put it on the end of the bed in the daughter's room.

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