Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm as slow as a snail!

Well, gees....I totally missed my 100 blog anniversary! I wanted to do a give away and everything. Oops! Maybe I'll just do a random one here in a few weeks! You'll have to wait and see! So, I haven't got much of anything done, instead I've been blog hopping. OMG, there are so GREAT Blogs out there! And so much eye-candy, I may have to go on a diet here soon! LOL!!

I have worked a little in Cora's House. I finally got the floor done in the kitchen! Her couch is sitting in the middle of it, so you could see what it looks like. Did I mention that it was once pink? I painted it black with acrylic paint a few years ago. Now, I'm going to redo it with some kind of fabric....maybe some leather? (Casey made a tiny couch recently that I'd like to blow-up to my size! You can check it out on her blog) Oh, and before I forget: I used Modpodge to seal the floor in the kitchen, but I can't get rid of the tackiness....any ideas as to what I can put on top of that to seal it???

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