Friday, August 22, 2008

With a little help from my friends...

Do you remember the TP roll challenge I gave you? Well, Chris from
put up this picture on Myspace of some lamps she found, and we've been chatting about how to make one for the doll house.
I choose to make the one in the back, to the right. I used one tp roll to make all three discs. Also, you will need to cut some of the sides to get smaller circles....and glue them back together before you begin. You can see in the picture below what I mean.....see there are 3 different sizes. I've also cut some scrap book paper up to cover them with.Once covered, I went around the edges with a gold marker Now, it's time to attach them to each other. It took me all day staring at it to figure it out, and then the idea came to me. I could glue beads in between the 2 rolls to make them look suspended.

I added some gold trim around the top and bottom. Then I added some around the middle. You see how it is hanging from what looks like a straw? That's another piece of paper, rolled up and glued. Eventually, it will get attached to a medallion, and hung above the dining room table.
And thanks to Casey from this chandelier now has a tassel! She put up a tutorial on her page yesterday on how to make them! Thanks Casey!!!!
OK, I'm off to think about how to make a medallion! Maybe I'll drag the clay back out?


CA Verstraete said...

cool!! LOVE IT! Now I gotta do one. I thought you meant you were doing the front one. (chicken!) haa! Hey great match with the couch. LOVE that fabric!!! Elegant room! (You sure this is not your house? ha!)

Ana Anselmo said...

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