Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A little clay to soothe my soul

&*(@$*&#@$&@(.....can you hear me yelling over here! I don't understand why the computer is eating my pictures when I try to upload...This is my 3rd day of this, It's really getting annoying!

I pulled out one of my boxes of 1/2 half finished polymer clay 'junk'. Man, oh man, do I have a lot of crap. You see, there are days when I'm grounded to the couch, and I need something to keep my hands busy. Well, me being a crafter, I craft! I have a lot of hobbies, I just have doll house fever right now. But, my clay has been calling my name for Days now, so don't be surprised if I switch gears......

OK, while digging through all the stuff I did run across these tiles I made out of Sculpy clay. It was all scrap clay, slightly mixed up, that I rolled out flat and cut tiles out of. I think it would be a great floor/fireplace for some kind of Moroccan theme.

I even came across these pink ones. Looks like I used some left over Mokume Gane slices....oh goodness, It's been so long since I played with my clay that I've forgotten how to spell the techniques, LOL! Don't you think the pink ones would make a great back-splash in a bathroom?

Just some ideas on how to combine several hobbies into one. Sometimes I just like playing with the clay, these turn out to be some pretty productive days. When you let yourself go, you can come up with some pretty neat combinations!

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Ana Anselmo said...

the tiles are great and the patterns are fantastic,