Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm so exicited...I just couldn't wait

~Yeppers! It is so much easier to blog when you can see your pictures as you type!~

I just couldn't wait till tomorrow to show you this...........are you ready?! I went to the fabric store today and got some gold trim, brown suede like fabric (to be used for curtains), and some fabric with gold paisley print. I'll save what I did with the trim for later....lets discuss the gold paisley material! Oh, and BTW ...I only spent $4, on everything!! Remember that couch I showed you? The pink one that had been painted black? Well, today I went ahead and ripped off all the pillows, and started to attach the gold paisley material. I'm not writing a tutorial for this~ I'll be honest~ It was a pain in the butt! I'll just say I folded, glued and tucked as I went.
Pretty impressive, huh! Haha, well, I'm impressed.
One of my bears came out to give it a try. This is what lived in my dollhouse as a kid~ Maple Town Families! I still have them....all one hundred and something.....Don't believe me? I'll have to drag the rest of them out and take a group picture. Oh, I sure hope they all cooperate! I also printed out the rug under the couch. I think it ties in the wall color pretty well. Wait till I have throw pillows, and some side tables....this is going to look great!

Ok, good night! I'll be back tomorrow with an explanation as to what that tube thing is with the gold trim on it, in the top picture. Can you guess???

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