Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pack Rats

I've always been called a pack-rat! And I'm OK with that. Actually, I think it has become a benefit to me since I've starting making miniatures. Well, actually, it's a benefit to crafters in general. And I'm starting to see that it's an inherited trait. I actually got a double whammy of it, seeing as both my parents have this trait. My Mom is a crafter, and my bio-dad is a war-gamer. She, still to this day, has a craft room I can only hope to one day have. And I'm sure my father is stuffed away in his war-gaming room somewhere, either playing on his computer, or painting his next miniature. I've seen crafts everyday of my life! And I have loved every minute of it. Now you see though, if we weren't pack rats, my Mom wouldn't of dug up this magazine from 1979......Yes, the year I was born. ~ I was branded with miniatures from the moment I arrived!It's neat to sit down and look at this magazine. It has house plans, and tutorials on plants. Funny thing is, Is that people are still making 'old' homes and furniture, lol. Even in 79 they were making replicas. Personally, I like making more modern things, but I do still like to look at eye- candy! The add below is for a more modern house. It looks like it should be surrounded by snow. Can you see in the attic, it has built in bookshelves!!! And I love the stairs that lead up to the attic. I wonder what it would take to find one of these? Hmmmmmm.....And for my Otis fans........he has finally learned how to take the lid off the catnip. This picture was taking right before he popped it off, Oh my, did he make a mess!! LMAO~ I guess I shoulda taking an after picture, but I was too busy trying to get the catnip cleaned up before he ate to much! Can cats even get sick from eating too much catnip? Who You see his front paw, he has that tub locked down, and used his teeth to take the lid off! bad kitty!

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Ana Anselmo said...

hi! Katie
I have been in the north of Portugal, for a short but nice trip. I am in vacations, but these two last days, just doing house cleaning. I hope to make something mini...tomorrow.
Otis is really clever :)