Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Toilet Paper Roll Challenge

I read a blog, everyday, called Casey's Minis ( Yesterday, she posted a blog about a little footstool made out of a toilet paper roll. Well, it got me thinking about what else could be made out of tp-rolls......and then it came to me................A Kitty Condo! I used the following:
I cut the tp-roll in half. Then, you have to wiggle the tp-roll down onto the paper punch, but it will work. And don't worry about pushing to hard on the tp-roll, if it flattens out, it will come back to life later!
You see where this is going..... Now to decorate! I used scrapbook paper, ribbon and a gold pen (to outline the circle in the middle with). Look, Pocus has come to show you how cute the new Kitty Condo is!So, now I challenge you.....What can you make with a toilet paper roll???


CA Verstraete said...

Now that is very cute! Boy you sure are coming up with ideas for those punches! you should do them for a miniature magazine! I'll have to think on that tp roll thing...Putting my thinking cap on...

Katie said...

I can't take all the credit's Casey that got me thinking about the hole punchers!! And playing with our trash, lol!!