Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is anything ever perfect?

I got a little bit of a lot done yesterday! Let's see.......I got the carpet cut out for the daughter's room, still need to glue it down. (And fix the paint job on the stairs!)I got the floor cut out for the parents' room. I used a vinyl sticky tile, well, I used 4, had to have them match up the way I wanted it. The front part of this room is going to be the bathroom, I'd like to 'tile' the walls in there. But first, I gotta find a tiny square hole puncher to cut out those tiles with!
Then, I figured out how I wanted to do the end tables. I decoupaged the shaving cream lids with brown tissue paper and Mod Podge. Then I mixed up some colors for the top, using my polymer clay. I wanted to try a technique that I normally use, but this time I used copper paint. This next picture is after it's been baked, but before I sanded it. Here, they have been sanded, using wet-dry sand paper. I'd still like to see them a little glossier, so I'll have to think on that. I never have much luck with sealers and clay.
Here's a idea of what they will look like when I'm done. I still want to add a second layer of tissue paper and I have to work on the 'glossy' issue. But do you see what I see.......Someones been in here, and knocked down the wall, and if you look a little will see that both the ladies on the couch have been pushed over, one is even on the floor! Poor girls! Wonder who woulda done such a thing??
oh........And they best part! They both don't fit! LOL.....doesn't it always work this way? So I think she'll have one table here, and I'll find a home for the other. Maybe in the front bay window between 2 chairs?
And not that I'm pointing out my flaws or anything, but I've really got to fill in the line behind the couch! It's needs some putty and some paint! Then I gotta fix that gap in between the 2 floors, you see it? On the left. But, then again, if I keep looking for imperfections, I'm never going to finish this house!

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