Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Dining Room Floor

Do you remember when I cut down real-people floor tiles and mounted them onto a piece of foamcore?? Well, I went ahead and cut that board down to the size I needed for the dining room. I really love how well the floor matches the bottom wall. BTW...the color on the top part of the wall is called suede.
Now, you see, here I go again, making it hard as heck to do something. You will notice that there is no floor in the living room~ Well, I want to tile it too, I just have to get more foamcore board. I think a smart person would do the back first, and then the front.........LOL~ well at least I haven't glued anything in place yet, so I can still get my hands in there.....Anyways, I'm still waiting on that carpenter.....and waiting..............
I did get around to making a few more DVDs. But, now that I have made all of them, I think they may be a little too big. Ugg.....I'm going to do a few, smaller than these, and we will see what happens. If anything, I can use these DVDs as fillers on a bookshelf.....Recycle, recycle, recycle....right? LOL!!

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