Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Proximity Award

OK, I must admit......I'm horrible with chain letters! When they come via email, I normally just skip over them. But this time I got one via my Blog! And Ana was so sweet and sincere with it, how could I not?? It's called the Proximity award, and when I asked what that is she explained that it's about people connecting people through their blog, all over the world. Wow! Neat, I got an award all the way from Portugal!! Pretty cool, huh! So, the deal is this......You have to forward it on to 8 wonderful people! Well...if I try to do all that there's no telling how far I'll get....so let me try to do it this way.

First let me say THANK-YOU to Ana! She has 2 sites, http://www.miniaturesforall.blogspot.com/
The first one is written in English, the second one is translatable. She has been the kindest person to chat with. And even shared an enormous amount of paper dolls with me. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us! I look forward to seeing what's next!

And now for the 8 people I choose to pass this award on to......

Thanks for giving me more ideas than my little head can handle!! You're such a great influence, my online muse! I love chatting about all the different projects we want to do......one day! LOL!!

Casey from http://www.caseymini.blogspot.com/!!
Thank-you for being like an online encyclopedia to the dollhouse world. You really amaze me with all of your knowledge. I will continue to read your blog everyday!! Thanks for taking the time to write as many tutorials as you do! They really do help!

Sophia from http://o-mundo-de-zaphia.blogs.sapo.pt/!!
You have the most beautiful ideas! Every blog has pictures to drool over. I just love it! And thank-you for taking the time to take on so many kitties! It's amazing what you've done for them!

I have been patiently awaiting your return to see how far you've come on the garden shed. And now that I've actually looked at your page, it seems I have missed a bunch of blogs! I'm SO glad to see you back! And I love the little mouse!!

omg...do I really got to find 8?

Let's see.......I scan through http://www.minimodern.blogspot.com/ often. I love to look at all the modern houses she posts on her blog.

I also read http://polymerclaydaily.com/ on a regular bases. It has the best eye-candy for us polymer clay artists!!

Oh.....Check out my friend Dana's Etsy shop: http://www.dcrocks.etsy.com/ She wraps rocks with sterling silver, and makes some of the prettiest jewelry! She also has a blog, but needs lots of encouragement to keep it going! Don't have the link to that right at the moment, but I will get it.

oh my....just one more...

And my last award is going to go to Otis. Thanks for being my Mascot, my muse and my teddy bear, all wrapped up into one. You bring laughter to everyone that meets you. I love you Ne-Ne!!
OK, so I cheated a little, but I hope that everyone gets the point! I really think it is just a good reminder that we need to thank people sometimes for the effort they put out there! I have meet the kindest people, and everyone is so willing to share their knowledge! That's Great!! :)Thank-you my online buddies, thank-you for taking the time to write, and thank-you for taking the time to read!!!

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Ana Anselmo said...

Otis deserve the mention, no doubt about it!!!!! he can connect people all over the world :):):)
thanks fot the most sweet post (I fell like you about this kind of chains, but since this is a prize, not an anonymous letter, generally from someone so nice, LOL, what can we do?
Iàm in holidays, now I am going to the swiming pool