Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm just the decorator!

I finished up the rest of the window trim this morning. And I will say, it does make it look a lot more complete. If you didn't notice, I got a little impatient waiting on the carpenter, so I just went ahead and did it myself. I knew I could, I just didn't want to.
I also finished a few pillows for one of the beds. Yes, that's me hand sewing the pillow, backwards, if I might add. LOL! Just making it a little more interesting, I guess?!?!
I miss having a sewing machine!There's the pillows on the looks so plain, I'll have to fix that! And notice the trim around the window? Looks good, huh?
....and then it came down to me having to pull this sweet kitty out of the dining room so I could get the trim done. LOL.....which reminds me, I need to cut his nails~ he's starting to scratch up my paint!!I'm really happy with how the trim turned out in the living room/dining room. Wait till I get some rich chocolate brown curtains on the walls. And maybe a leather couch.......and I even have a leopard rug.....that's if Cora even wants a leopard rug.....Hahahaha~ I have to remind myself sometimes that this is not my house.......this is HER house......I'm just the decorator....Bah hahaha!

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CA Verstraete said...

The ceiling is neat. It all looks good. What's that green frills on the end of the bed? That catches my eye.