Monday, August 18, 2008

Some of my Art

I'm waiting for paint to dry, so I thought I'd come amuse you with a few of my drawings. When

my oldest son was a baby, I decorated his nursery in Sesame Street! I even painted Grover on

the back of his door. I also did 2 drawings to eventually frame. I used a pencil to draw them, and

then went over my lines with a permanent marker. I used crayons to color it! Pretty good for

crayons huh! We won't talk about how many red crayons I used to do Elmo!I did the following picture when I was in labor with my oldest. Yes, I did say when I was in labor.

I didn't use pain killers, instead I sat at my Mother's table, vigorously coloring with my colored

pencils. It started out as a project for school, first time I had every really used colored pencils. I

had found a picture of a water color painting in a magazine, and used it to do this picture. I'll

never forget sitting at that table ALL night long.....coloring!!

***WARNING: The following drawings may not be sutiable for everyone. You might want to make the kids leave the room for a minute~ or simply skip the rest of the pictures!

***Are you sure you want to continue???

***Ok, I warned you....I don't want to get any nasty comments about how you were sitting here, showing your childern pictures of dollhouses, when all of a sudden you stumbled upon some naked ladies. This is MY art......and I'm very proud of it. One day, hopefully I can donate the images to some kind of health awareness program.

I have drawn several of these. There's the pink one, a blue one and an orange on. I love how her back slopes down!

My ex-husband used to get so mad at me when he sit down to look at his girly magazines, and he would realize that the good pictures had the good parts cut out....hehehe.....hey, I need to be able to have the pitures so I had something to go by!! HAHAHAHA!!
OK, I know this is a bit much, but honestly, I know all us girls out there, with a little less than others, have not, at one point or another, wondered what what it be like if???
I have 2 of these girls framed in my bedroom. One day I'll have to come back with pictures of them for you to see.

*Oh, you know, maybe I need to shrink all these pictures and do a mini art gallery....what do you think?? I would diffently have to find some statues to go with them, huh!


CA Verstraete said...

wow! Hey you've been hiding your real talent! These are really excellent! And like minds - first thought - a mini art gallery! (I really like that multicolor girl's face - i'd hang a large one of that over my mini couch or something
You gotta share more!
I'm not gonna comment on the labor thing but you must really get into your art that it diverted you., ha!

Anonymous said...

The colors are very vibrant. They stand out! I don't think your nude paintings are bad to show. If people have a problem, it is on them. Keep painting.