Friday, August 15, 2008

Fairy books

I ran across this site the other day and printed out some books for Cora's house. These little covers all full of detail! And there's a lot of fairy books!
And then we have Mr. Otis. Sorry for those of you that are tired of seeing him, but this IS my page:)!! And besides, he's in the dining room, in Cora's dollhouse. So, that should count for something.
He opened his eyes long enough to look at me and say 'Can I help you??'

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Nancy D said...

I'm glad you commented on my blog. You can check out my other critters at . I lived in Va (Fredericksburg area) for 25 yrs. I used to do a craft show in Va Bch every year. Also, I clicked on the Candid Canine blog. When I lived in Va I was a Dachshund Breeder so I was thrilled to see her book Searching for a Starry Night. The internet sure has made the world smaller.