Friday, August 8, 2008

My first basket

Check out my friend Sofia's page. She had some baskets that she made from string and glue.......and last night I tried to make one. Not too bad.....I need to work on getting it level, but all in all it was fun to try......and very messy:)I'm sorry I don't have any pictures this morning......
My new meds are making me sleep like a baby! But I do have some funny pictures of Otis
to share! I love how he sleeps with his feet propped up on the walls......Good thing he's a house kitty or I'd have paw prints every where!

Oh, and fatty thinks he can sit on the balcony. Do you see his belly hanging over the side? Hahaha ~I sure hope he doesn't try to sit here once we get the railing up?!?!

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