Sunday, August 17, 2008

In the land of the front porch...

I love weekends! It's a time where the kids
come together, and let their imaginations go wild.
I kept all my Barbies when I was a kid, and gave them to my daughter years ago.
So she has hers, mine and all the stuff we have bought at thrift stores. (You wouldn't believe the bags of stuff you can buy for a dollar!) This weekend, they took their villages out side. It's so funny....they will have 'rooms' set up everywhere they can. On the stairs...

.....and more stairs...........

Even the rails make great rooms......God forbid that little girl roll over!!

My daughter's friend has made a home in an old desk.........hey, she might be on to something here~ I could just see an art studio in here...hmmmmmmm

But for now, it's a bedroom

And here's a couch I made a long time ago. It's pieces of a 2x4 cut down, and wrapped with batting and material. Oh, and then wrapped in lace. I used a hot glue gun to do this, and I'd say it's held up great!

And the best boys bring out their GI Joes! I remember one time GI Joe flew in on his helicopter and picked up Barbie for a date....I love listening to them act out our world, it's quite interesting!!

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vivian said...

Hi Katie, thanks for visiting my blog. I of course popped right over to yours to see who you are! and Im so glad I did! your post here about the kids and barbie dolls could have come from me. My girls and the girls in the neighborhood played barbies all the time. and they would spread out all over too. My favorite was when I made them all Barbie doll campers! then they would go out back into the trees to play. I made more barbie furniture and clay foods and so many fun things! I do miss those days.. then the GI joes.. They were definitely there too! My daughter still has alot of her barbies out in her room and always has, (she is 26 now) anyways, she came home from college one weekend, to find several GI JOes posed in various stategic spots with guns aimed right at her barbies! I didnt know the boys had done that, but it sure was funny when jen discovered it, all of sudden we hear .. "OH MY GOD!!!" and then hysterical laughter! Another time she came home and found a barbie Hanging by a noose... anyways.. thanks for the memorys!
A couple more things.. Your doll house looks like its going to be amazing.. I have several, but they are not at all on the scale that yours is adn they are packed away.. but you can see them in a set on my flickr (that link should take you right to the doll houses)
one more thing.. the skate shop.. so great! i wish I had thought of that years ago for my boys when they were little.. They were skaters and they got into those little tech decks too.. I built them the most AWESOME little skate parks for those things..
well, you have inspired me to go look for some old pictures to post!
by the the cat in the doll house!
hope you'll visit again soon!