Friday, August 29, 2008

How do YOU hide an ugly mailbox???

Today has been a very long, long, day! And I'll leave it at that! I haven't had time to play, so they'll be no eye-candy tonight. However, I thought I'd share a few pictures of a vine I've been trying to train for years! We have this tree in our yard, not sure what it's called, but I would really not be bothered if someone accidentally cut it down! It produces this sticky stuff that coats everything. It's horrible....not to mention that it leaves this black coat to everything it lands on! Needless to say, I had mailbox issues. The black stuff was very hard to remove, and after buying a couple of new ones...and then losing the mailbox door.....I just finally gave up! day I noticed this 'magical' vine, trying to grow up and around the mailbox! So I helped it out a little. I think it's a honeysuckle vine, but I'm not positive! I do know, that this time of year it's blooming and it smells spectacular!! So after my long day, I was pleasantly greeted by my 'magical' vine when I came home! I sure hope it doesn't bother the mailman~ one day, I'll have to ask him!

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