Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A little at a time

Ok, Ok, I know......I'm slackin on getting this house done. Honestly, I'm still working on it, just a little at a time. I got the baseboards in, in the kitchen. Do you see the 'end tables' in the front of the picture.....I decided that no matter what I did to them, they were going to need a base coat first. Still haven't figured out if I want to cover them in tissue paper or no hole beads? They are mighty shiny, huh!
I also got the floor finished in the living room and dining room. I mounted those vinyl tiles to a peice of foam board that I had already cut to size. It made it alot easier to cut the vinyl after it was attached to the foam board, just flipped it over and cut it out with an excato blade.Of coure Otis is is back......he heard me in there working, and hard to see what I was doing. Floor hog! He doesn't move for nothing, and I'm afraid of pulling him out, because he drags his feet and I don't want him scratching up my beautiful floors. So He wins!!!!

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Jo Raines said...

Hey, Katie! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment--and missing me!! Life has just been so hectic I've hardly had time to breathe. Moved oldest DD in to college yesterday and I think my hubby is missing her already. He wants to take things to her that she will need and has asked me twice via e-mail when we should go down. She is only about 15 minutes from us at a private college but I think he feels she is across the ocean!

I have been doing mini's just haven't had time to blog about them this summer. My 'part-time' job seems to take up six days a week plus some evenings teaching classes. So I fit mini-ing in between in the mornings and spare evenings before I collapse. Got to do something to change that but how??? For now I'm stuck! Oh well, I'll visit when I can. Searching for something to do in miniature to sell to support my habit. Wish me luck!