Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Windows are done!

The kids came home with blankets they made while at camp. I have seen one of my neighbors make them, and my Mom made some like it last year for Christmas. But I wanted to try it dollhouse size......I do suggest finding a thinner material, maybe flannel....this stuff worked, but is still a little thick. I started out by cutting a rectangle about 1 inch bigger than then bed, all the way around. Then I measured in an inch, and used pins to 'draw' a line. I cut into this margin.....don't worry about making these cuts all perfect~ as long as they're close, it will work. I left the pins in and then tied the top to the bottom all the way around. I think it's cute, and my daughter will be happy to have another blanket!
I have also been painting shutters. I accidentally painted them white first, before remembering I had wanted them turquoise. I'm great at making extra work for myself! I also figured out how to assemble the last 2 windows. It seems my kit has extra pieces, lol.....and here I was looking for an invisible window opening. Duh! I got the shutters glued on this afternoon! This house is starting to come alive now. I am glad we choose the colors we did, they look great together!!
And here's an after thought. I really should of done all the trim in the bay window before gluing it in! Now I'm going have to work through this hole and at an angle.


Reviekat said...

The blanket looks really cute!

The dollhouse is coming along nicely...it's been fun watching it come together. Love the color choices!

Ana Anselmo said...

Katie, I didn´t understand very well how did you make the blank,
specially this:
I left the pins in and then tied the top to the bottom all the way around. :(