Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The tied together blanket

I promised a tutorial on the blankets earlier here goes:

First, cut out 2 pieces of material, 2 inches bigger than what you need. Pin these 2 pieces of material together, and mark your 1 inch border all the way around. Next, your going to cut the tabs that will get tied together. Notice how I used the pins to mark my 1 inch line, I just cut up to where the pins are. I'm sure if this was a people size blanket, the tabs might be a little bit bigger, but remember we're talking about a blanket here that measures about 5x7inches. Oh, and don't forget to cut out the squares in each corner. I'm using 2 different colors of material here, so you can see what I'm talking about. Take 1 light blue tab, and tie it to the green tab that is directly underneath of it. Tie it twice. Then, move on to the next 2 tabs and tie them together.....and keep doing that all the way around

And this is what the finished blanket will look like.
I hope this helps. I did try and use a regular piece of cotton material, and learned that it doesn't work~ the cotton frays to much. And the light green material you see is flannel, which worked almost as well as the fuzzy green material did. I really need to find out the fuzzy stuff is called, it would help, huh!

..........and look I even cut out a few mini paper dolls........


Ana Anselmo said...

Good morning Katie!
Now I understand how to do the blanket, it´s very clear, I didn´t undertand that it´s made with two layers of fabric...and now I also understand why we must use a thin fabric. Thanks for the explanation :):).) WOW, they are great your tiny paper dolls, good work!

CA Verstraete said...

Ok it pays to read first, ask questions later. (since when?) Now I see what the frills are. Neat idea!