Saturday, August 9, 2008

Black and White tiled floors

I decided to change the floor in Cora's kitchen to a black and white tiled floor. It was really quite simple. I used my 1inch squared hole puncher, and punched out black and white squares out of cardstock. I then started in the front, found the center and started to glue down the squares. I used Mod Podge as the adhesive. Finishing off the sides was simple too! I just used the squares I had already punched out, and cut them down to the size I needed.
You can see in the next picture how I custom cut the 'tiles'. Those 5 tiles to the right will go in the door frame.
I borrowed my son's light so I could see a little better in that back corner. And I had to take the wall out so I could work in the door frame.
Now I just need to motivate the carpenter into getting the trim done!

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CA Verstraete said...

Love it. Duh,me! Sometimes the easiest ideas you don't see. I LOVE the punch idea. Beats buying them all the time. Wow, just have to gloss the card first and great floors. You're a genius! (gotta find the next 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby)